The Wedge
Established in 1983, The Wedge has been the proving ground for some of the most innovative and dynamic theatre artists working today.  Serving as a home for our Lab Company and led by directors selected for the Drama League Summer Program, The Wedge produces provocative, cutting edge theatre.

Over the years it has produced original productions by some of our most exciting playwrights including: Kenny Finkle, Anne Washburn, Kathryn Walat, Gregory Moss, Caridad Svich and Lauren Yee.  The Wedge has also launched the directing careers of such theatrical ground-breakers as Michael Mayer, Mark Brokaw, Lisa Peterson, Rob Jess Roth, Sam Gold, Rachel Chavkin, Kevin Moriarty, and Joe Calarco.

Where does the Wedge take place?
These shows take place under the Hangar Tent, which is transformed into a unique performance venue for each Wedge show. The Drama League directors get to select their Wedge titles and each performance begins 15 minutes after the Mainstage curtain call that evening.


The Golem by H. Leivick

directed by Drew Feldman

June 23-24

Drenched in the magic and mystery of Kabballah, The Golem retells the legend of a sixteenth-century Rabbi in Prague who defies God when he molds and animates a huge earth-made figure to defend the Jewish community from pogroms. Originally written as a poem in 1921 by Russian expatriate H. Leivick, the play carries with it powerful echoes of the dilemmas still faced by our civilization today.  

Oh Oh You Will be Sorry by Claire Kiechel*

directed by Katie Lupica

July 7(10:15 pm) and 8 (10:45 pm)

 Five women gather for champagne brunch in a suburban living room. But, sorry, does anyone know what we're celebrating? Or whose house this is? Are we missing anything? Or anyone? A brand new dark comedy about what's known and what's unknowable among even the closest of friends.

*This is a world premiere production. 

The Dead by James Joyce

directed by Chloe Treat

July 14-15

The Feast of Epiphany and its revelation approach. In celebration, you are formally invited to the Misses Morkan’s Annual Dance. Dublin, Ireland. 1904. Come, let your soul swoon with us. 

Salome by Oscar Wilde

directed by Yavor Kostov

July 28-29

The beauty of Princess Salome can enchant anybody except the imprisoned prophet Iokanaan. Faced with rejection by the one she loves, Salome casts a death wish on Iokanaan, forcing King Herod to decide between his own desire for her and his fears from the uncanny powers and influence of the prophet. Esthetically elevated text, based on the Gospels: Power, passion, and prophetic visions intermingled in a modernized interpretation.



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