Quick Facts About the Hangar Theatre

Did You Know?

Before the Hangar was a theatre, it was one of the earliest airports in New York State. The Ithaca Municipal Airport opened its doors in 1912, and moved to its current location in 1948.
The first seats that we were used at the Hangar Theatre were old seats from Ithaca College's theatre in DeWitt Park. These seats had to be installed on platforms by the actors and other volunteers from around the area.
During the first ever opening night the performance had to be halted due to the actors and equipment getting drenched by the rains from outside.
Although he never visited the Hangar Theatre, Gerald Ford was the President of the United States
when the Hangar Theatre opened its doors in 1975.
Jane Lynch (FOX's Glee), Amy Ryan (The Office), and Jeremy Shamos (Clybourne Park) are all Hangar Theatre alums.
In the 40 years of Mainstage theatre at the Hangar, we have only repeated a total of 5 shows.
Man of La Mancha, which was the first show at the Hangar Theatre, has been repeated the most at 3
The Hangar Theatre has a thrust stage, which is a stage that extends into the audience on three sides and is connected by the upstage area by its back end. A theatre in the round has the audience on all sides of the stage, and a proscenium stage has the audience only on the downstage side.
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