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An Evening with Shovels & Rope

October 10, 2017
8pm at Hangar Theatre


Little Seeds, the electrifying New West Records bow by Shovels and Rope, finds theaward-winning South Carolina duo of Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst exploringfresh dimensions in their sound with a brace of bold, candid, highly personal newsongs.The 12-song collection, produced by Trent at the couple’s home studio inCharleston, succeeds 2014’s Swimmin’ Time and 2012’s O’ Be Joyful; the latter titlegarnered the twosome Americana Music Awards for Song of the Year (for“Birmingham”) and Emerging Artist of the Year. Last year’s Busted Jukebox, Volume1 was a collaborative collection of covers featuring such top talents as the MilkCarton Kids, Lucius, JD McPherson and Butch Walker.On the new release, Trent and Hearst as ever play all the instruments and pennedthe material, which range from stomping rockers to delicate acoustic-basednumbers. Many of Little Seeds’ finely crafted and reflective new songs – completedin the late summer of 2015 -- are drawn from tumultuous events experienced by thecouple over the course of the last two years.“There were two major changes that happened at the same time,” Hearst says. “Wefound out we were pregnant, and at the same time Michael’s parents had been livingwith us, because his father is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Those two things,having the baby and facing the reality that our parents were aging, made this weird,awesome circle of humanity that really just took us out. I guess we were in thecrosshairs of human existence.” Trent continues, “We started putting this recordtogether right after the baby was born. Every spare moment I had I was in the studiodoing my best to work around the cries, and Cary would have to sneak up and doher parts when the baby was asleep. It’s a funny thing trying to make a rock n rollrecord with a sleeping baby in the house.”Hearst adds, “As we were finishing the record and making the final decisions aboutwhat to include in it, our good friend Eric was killed here in town. We ended updedicating the record to his memory. The beginning of ‘This Ride’ is actually Eric’smother telling the true story of how he had been born in the back of a police car.With her blessing, we added that to frame ‘This Ride.’”“Invisible Man” and “Mourning Song,” were directly inspired by the debilitating illnessfaced by Trent’s father. Hearst says of the former song, “The disease is preventinghim from being able to mentally wrap his mind around it. I wanted to speak for him.I wanted to express what it would be like for a man like him, a capable, funny dude.I wanted to put that in an up-tempo pop song, because it’s always interesting fordark material to be presented that way.”Of “Mourning Song,” Trent says, “I was envisioning what it was going to be like formy mother after he wasn’t around anymore. It’s weird, maybe, to write a song aboutthe death of your father who hasn’t died yet. It seemed like something he would do –write a tune to comfort my mother after he’s gone.



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