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“The Hangar apprentice program was incredibly valuable because it fostered a professional environment in which to work and learn. I felt supported and respected throughout the entire process.  The program reiterated in my mind that costuming is absolutely what I want to do with my life.  I really learned how to work with other people in a professional setting. I found that the position cultivated the idea of intrinsic value—doing the work because I found it important and wanted to do a good job, while also teaching me how to work with the people around me and want to support them and the productions in any way I could. It taught me the professional skill of balancing my life between multiple shows, multiple roles between shows, and living life at the same time.  Having the opportunity to work in the field I want in a professional and welcoming setting every day opened my eyes to the challenges and incredible growth that I have found is only possible through theatre and collaboration.” - Ellen Bradford ’16 Costume Design Apprentice   

“The design apprenticeship helped jumpstart my theatre career by the sheer number of show credits and variety of experiences provided.  Not only did I work on eight shows as a design assistant: building, doing paperwork, and shopping alongside a designer; I was able to learn from and live with the people who are now my industry peers.” - Shelby Gable ’14 Costume Design Apprentice

 “The Design Apprentice program gave me experience working on different types of material and allowed me to collaborate with many fantastic directors, designers, actors, technicians, and administrators, all in one summer.  Apprenticing at the Hangar helped me to find my voice as a designer and gave me insight into the theatre I want to be creating in my career.  The people with whom I got the chance to work and build a community will be colleagues and collaborators of mine for life.” - Carter Dean ’15 Sound Design Apprentice

 “My time at the Hangar Theatre was inarguably a major turning point in my career as a scenic designer. Being there, surrounded by people who are just as passionate about what they do as I am, made me realize that there was no place I would rather be than the theatre. It is because of the Hangar that I am where I am today.” - Lindsey Purvis ’15 Scene Design Apprentice

 “My experience working with Hangar Theatre for the Design Apprentice program was life changing. In the three short months I was there I felt like I learned more than I had ever before, I was able to not only meet, but work with, and alongside, some of the most talented people, all while having a summer of a lifetime.” - Laci Kelly ’16 Scene Design Apprentice

“My summer at Hangar provided me with the opportunity to gain the creative and technical skills and build the endurance necessary to pursue a career in theatrical lighting. Each week brought a new show with new challenges and a rigorous schedule that forced me to prioritize and stay focused through the exhaustion. My time there allowed me to experience a non-academic production and creative process that cultivated and challenged young designers.” - Shannon Clarke ’15 Lighting Design Apprentice

All of the design work pictured above was created by our 2016 Design Apprentices: Chris Hendrick (Sound), Laci Kelly (Scenery), Ellen Bradford (Costumes), Aidan Marshall (Lighting).

Photos by Rachel Philipson 


Learn more about the Design Apprenticeship Program

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