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Essence of Character

How can an actor truly embody and portray a character they can’t relate to?

How can one express authentic levels of psychological and emotional pain in ways that the actor can use without in turn causing harm on themselves? 

Explore how movement can influence how an actor fully embodies a character in a psychologically and emotionally sustainable way. Focusing on the movement-based exercises developed by acting instructors Anne Bogart, Jean Sabatine*, and Tadashi Suzuki*, the class will help you to discover an internal to external flow of energy. These exercises use the essences of energy, rhythm, and even animals, to leap over psychological hang-ups and create an organic, original character, from motion and energy. 

Instructed by the Hangar’s Education and Community Outreach Manager Helen Clark.

*Instructor Helen Clark has trained with Jean Sabatine extensively, and is a 2nd generation Suzuki student, having trained with Suzuki’s own students, company members/ collaborators, and has also learned from Suzuki himself.


When: Saturday April 9,2016

What: A masterclass on movement

For who: Anyone who's interested in creative movement - no acting experience required

Where: Hangar Theatre (801 Taughannock blvd, Ithaca NY)

How Much: $75 (Hangar Subscribers pay $55 - a $20 savings!)

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When: January 23, 2016

What: Theatrical Workshops

Where: Hangar Theatre (801 Taughannock blvd, Ithaca NY)

How Much: $50/class


Workshops offered: 

HIGH STAKES INTENTION – Enter as if your life depended on it! Amp up any performance with honest engagement and catch the audience’s breath. This technique helps you find real anchors in a world of fiction. “Higher Stakes” won’t be a common phrase anymore, it’ll be a mantra!


FEROCIOUS PLAY: Physical Comedy’s Arsenal of Awesome – Venture into the physical world of clown. Tune up your timing. Make the simple hilariously difficult. Reap the rewards for ferocious play and failing gloriously! Explore acting fundamentals through physical comedy, adaptable to any theatrical genre: vulnerability, actor/audience relationship, status exploration, and dynamics.

Workshops run by: Creatively Independent

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